A Chip on the Shoulder is Good for Business

Asim Qureshi shares his thoughts on the dark motivations that often drive entrepreneurs and high-achieving people.
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Simon Sinek: If You Don’t Understand People, You Don’t Understand Business

Simon Sinek on how authenticity is of the utmost importance in life and in business:

Every single decision we make in our lives is a piece of communication. Every decision we make in our lives as individuals or as organizations is a piece of communication. It’s our way of saying something about who we are and what we believe. This is why authenticity matters. This is why you have to say and do the things you actually believe: because the things you say and do are symbols of who you are, and we look for those symbols so we can find people who believe what we believe. Our very survival depends on it.

So, if you’re putting out false symbols, you will attract people to those symbols, but you won’t be able to form trust with them. This is what Tiger Woods did to us. He lied. He lied. He told us what he thought we wanted to hear, and it was great, and we were drawn to it, and all of us who kind of liked that idea of the good guy were drawn to it. Until we found out it was a lie. He could have been the bad boy of golf, he could have had all the same endorsements and a fantastic career and still been hailed as one of the great athletes of our day, but he didn’t. He chose to lie. Good luck forming trust again, Tiger. We don’t believe you. We don’t trust you. The goal of putting something out there, if you say what you believe and you do what you believe you will attract people who believe what you believe.


Simon Sinek: What it means to lead, or: go forth and do well

Simon Sinek gives advice to the aspiring leaders of the ArkLaTex Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association:

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are people who see the thing they want and there are people who see the thing that’s preventing them from getting the thing they want.

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Intellectual Mathematics

From the Intellectual Mathematics Manifesto by Viktor Blåsjö

Kant said: “Enlightenment is man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity. Immaturity is the inability to use one understanding without guidance from another. … Sapere Aude! Dare to know! Have courage to use your own understanding! Thus is the motto of Enlightenment.”

This is also the motto of Intellectual Mathematics. Stop thinking that a mathematical argument is a bureaucratic form submitted for approval to the Gods of Pedantry. A mathematical argument is written for you. Stop worrying about what “they” want you to do. Have the courage to think for yourself.

Have the courage to think for yourself.

He’s written a free calculus textbook available from his website.

Ken Keller’s Pyramid of Business Success

By Ricardo LiberatoAll Gizah Pyramids, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

From a short article by Ken Keller of STAR Business Consulting.

The Pyramid of Business Success, from bottom (1) to top (9):

  1. Values: what the company and employees believe in.
  2. Vision: A future goal for the company to focus on and move forward.
  3. Mission: Define the clients, the business model, and the quality of products and services.
  4. The Immutable Laws: concept articulated by Mike Michalowicz.
    • “Blood Money — We treat money like blood. Without it our business would die. We treat it with the utmost care and respect.”
    • Michalowicz’s Obsidian Launch has published its Prosperity Plan (PDF) which has its three Immutable Laws.
  5. The Main Thing: this is like Guy Kawasaki’s business mantra concept (see also video).
    • “Make Sure Every Client Comes Back”
    • “Zero Defects”
  6. Business Plan: 12 months. 1 page.
  7. Growth Plan: how will your business hit its revenue and customer growth targets?
  8. Monthly Action Plan (MAP): a calendar of events solely related to increasing revenue and acquiring customers.
    • All tasks are assigned to a single accountable individual responsible for completing the job on time.
  9. Accountability: the most important thing is to measure progress toward your goals. If you are not holding yourself accountable for your goals, you will not make consistent progress.

Michael Michalowicz’s Blood Money

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Michalowicz’s blood money concept is useful, and he’s expanded on it in his book, Profit First (2017). Basically, a profit percentage should be built into every dollar of revenue received. You should reserve, say, 5% of every dollar to go into a profit account, similar to what you might do to set aside money for taxes (in the very simplest approach).

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Riglol hack: unlock extra features on Rigol oscilloscopes (like DS1054Z)

Rigol DS1054z Oscilloscope

There’s a lot of scattered information out there on the “riglol” hack for the Rigol DS1054Z and other 1000Z, 2000, and 4000-series oscilloscopes. The main takeaways I’ve gleaned are:

  1. There are at least two sites hosting the riglol key generator:
  2. Here is a good < 5 minute video demonstrating the hack. It also shows how to telnet into the scope and reset the feature set to factory default using the uninstall command :SYStem:OPTion:UNINSTall. It is also possible to install options using the :SYStem:OPTion:INSTall command.
  3. Use the DSER code, not DSFR. The latter unlocks all options including a reportedly buggy 500 uV/div vertical scale resolution. The former, DSER, does the same except the buggy 500 uV/div. If you muck it up and install the DSFR code, you can restore factory settings using the above :SYStem:OPTion:UNINSTall command via telnet and then redo the hack using the DSER code.
  4. The hack is confirmed to work with DS1054Z scopes through at least March 2018 which use software version 00.04.04 SP3 software and board version 0.1.1.
  5. It is said that the bug enabling the hack is in the encryption implementation built into the scope firmware, so there is no way for the manufacturer to fix the bug without forcing all users everywhere to manually re-enter a new product code. This makes it very unlikely the bug will ever be retroactively fixed for extant scopes.

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Have you ever seen a soldering hatchet?

You have now.

Maybe someday I will be worthy of a soldering hatchet but, for now, I just bought a new Hakko FX888D-29BY/P soldering set, for about $110. Have yet to try it out, but it’s well-reviewed and I have known many techs who preferred Hakko tools.

In the past, I have used a lot of Weller sets, like the WES51 and the WESD51, both of which I liked very much. I always preferred the feel of the analog dials. Everything is digital now, and there are definitely some advantages to them. But that smooth feel of a high-quality analog potentiometer, or a good encoder, is something I miss.