Getting autocomplete-python Atom plugin to work on Windows with WinPython

I stumbled around for a little bit with this one. The path to the Python executable must be set in the configuration settings for the Atom autocomplete-python package, and the part of the path with the executable filename must include the .exe filename extension.

For example, the full path to my WinPython executable is C:\Users\UserName\WinPython-64bit-\python-3.5.3.amd64\python.exe. Entering this path exactly as shown here worked.


3D/GPU-related display problems with Atom editor on Xubuntu 16.04 VM

Was having a problem with Atom editor on a new Ubuntu/Xubuntu 16.04 virtual machine. Launching Atom using the --disable-gpu option seems to fix the problem:

$ atom --disable-gpu


Next, need to figure out how to modify the application launch item in the Whisker Menu so that it executes that command instead of the vanilla $ atom command.


Resetting a Brother HL-5250DN printer to factory default settings

I have an old Brother HL-5250DN black and white laser printer that I found via Craigslist. I want to set up the printer as a network printer on my home network — the first step is to factory reset the printer so that I can regain access to the admin control panel!

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Premature documentation

… is the root of all evil:

On large-scale projects: (1) start with a piece you can do. (2) premature documentation is the root of all evil — don’t write documentation describing software that doesn’t exist. Build the code first.

Curtis Yarvin on Urbit, in response to a question from a redditor:

It seems that one of the biggest self imposed filters on people attempting development for the Urbit platform is the extensive new terminology, which overlaps with existing word meanings (albeit in entirely different namespaces). Now that a substantial number of people have viewed the documentation, do you believe that this terminology is useful? A mistake?