Interesting Small Business Tools

This list is filtered from a Reddit thread.

QuoteWerks: project proposal & quoting management system. Looks hardcore, probably geared toward complex products involving managed services, service/product integration, value-added reselling, subcontractors, manufacturing, software solutions, etc.

TeamViewer: remote desktop software. Remote PC access.

Dialpad/Uberconference: office telephony service/teleconferencing service.

Pushbullet: helps sync up notifications and other information across devices.

Screenflow: affordable video editing and screen recording software for Mac.

Swydo: reporting, monitoring, and workflow for online marketers.

Visual Studio Dev Essentials: free software tools, cloud services, and training.

Grasshopper: business telephony. Get a main business phone number and set up extensions for multiple endpoints.

Agile CRM: customer relationship management.

EmailOctopus: email marketing campaign management like MailChimp or Constant Contact, but way less expensive.

AutoHotkey: automation scripting language for Windows.

Airtable: database system with a web-based GUI that combines features of spreadsheets and databases.

Gusto: HR services.

InvoiceNinja: freemium and open source invoicing system.

Deputy: workforce schedule management.

TextExpander: insert prewritten snippets of text as you type.


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