How to set the IPython/Jupyter Qt Console font size on WinPython

TL; DR: create a file called under .jupyter\ in the WinPython settings directory (e.g. C:\Users\user\WinPython-64bit-\settings\.jupyter\ and write the line c.ConsoleWidget.font_size = 12, where the number is what you want the font size to be, in points.

On my Windows machine, for my Python setup, I use WinPython because it is super easy to set up, it’s self-contained, and, if I muck up anything, it is very easy to delete the install and start over. IDEs like JetBrains PyCharm can also be easily set up to point to the WinPython interpreter as well (File > Settings > Project > Project Interpreter) so you can benefit from all the IDE code completion, module analysis, introspection etc etc.

WinPython also comes with a ton of useful modules and “plugins” — Jupyter, IPython (and Qt Console), Spyder, and all the Scientific Python libraries: Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, Matplotlib, etc etc. Python is already “batteries included” — Winpython is like “nuclear reactor included.”


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