Resetting a Brother HL-5250DN printer to factory default settings

I have an old Brother HL-5250DN black and white laser printer that I found via Craigslist. I want to set up the printer as a network printer on my home network — the first step is to factory reset the printer so that I can regain access to the admin control panel!

Update: I’ve upgraded to a printer/scanner/copier, the Brother MFCL2750DW, which is a great and relatively inexpensive replacement for the HL-5250DN, especially considering it has wi-fi and duplex scanning with an auto-feeder. Really nice.

I found a very easy-to-follow procedure on manualslib:

  1. Turn off printer.
  2. Close front cover and make sure power cord is plugged in.
  3. Hold down Go button while turning on power switch. Keep Go button pressed down until only Toner, Drum and Paper LED indicator lights are lit up. Then, release Go button. Wait until Toner, Drum and Paper LED indicator lights turn off.
  4. Press Go button six times and then watch to ensure that all LED indicator lights, including the Status light, blink one time.
  5. Continue waiting until printer executes and completes its normal power on routine.

After these steps were completed, I logged into my network router’s control panel and found the IP of the printer. Then I entered that IP into a web browser and was connected to the printer’s control panel. From there, the User and Admin account passwords can be changed. The factory default User user/pass is ‘user’ and ‘access’ and the Admin user/pass is ‘admin’ and ‘access’.

I changed the passwords to **************** and ******************

That’s just a little joke.

Adding the printer was super easy on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 LTS. There was one weird quirk, though. When I used the Printers control panel to add a new printer, it automatically detected three printers instead of just the one HL-5250DN:

  1. HL-5250DN
  2. HP-LaserJet-4050
  3. BINARY_P1

I chose the HL-5250DN and was prompted to download a driver, which I did. I then printed a test page which worked just fine. Now to test printing from web browser, PDF viewer, LibreOffice, etc.

Having skimmed through the HL-5250DN Network User’s Guide (PDF link) I sort of understand that those other printer names represent other network printing protocols that can be used to communicate with the printer, but that is more advanced configuration stuff that I don’t understand at the moment and I don’t have a strong desire to monkey around with since things appear to work for my purposes…


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