CUPS and network printing on Linux

CUPS and network printing on Ubuntu GNOME 16.04, to be specific. CUPS is an open-source printing system for Mac OS, Linux and UNIX which I don’t know much about yet but appears to be pretty widely used judging by my limited googling.

Via Ask Ubuntu, a CUPS web dashboard can be accessed via the URL http://localhost:631/

The CUPS web dashboard

This worked out of the box with my Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 system. Maybe good to know about. I dunno. CUPS is described as:

… the standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for macOS® and other UNIX®-like operating systems. CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) to support printing to local and network printers.

The CUPS system appears to be integrated with the Printers settings GUI because I added my Brother HL-5250DN via the Printers GUI, but CUPS knows about it:

CUPS web dashboard Printers tab

I can click on the HL-5250DN link and view details about the printer:

CUPS web dashboard printer info page for my HL-5250DN printer

It’s not very interesting because nothing is really happening, but pretty neat.

On a proper network with many more than one user, it looks like there are some more advanced notification and monitoring features that could be very useful for a sysadmin.


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