Concatenating M4V files on Ubuntu 16.04

Hat tip My Web Experiences blog.

This is pretty neat. If you have two (or perhaps more) .m4v files that you want to concatenate, there is an open source package called gpac available for Ubuntu and Debian. Debian packages are available at the project website, and the source code is on a github repo.

The package is also available via the Ubuntu apt package manager. As of 2016 Dec 18, the latest release available via apt is 0.5.2, which is a bit behind the latest project release, 0.6.1.

While the package is called gpac, the command provided by the package used to concatenate M4V files is called MP4Box, and the syntax is:

$ MP4Box -cat video1.m4v -cat video2.m4v -new combinedvideo.m4v

This took maybe 5 minutes to combine two approx. 1 GB files on my Intel i5 from 2008.


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