Standing Rock Sioux Tribe vs. the Dakota Access Pipeline: Donations and Funds Raised

srst-crowdwiseAs of Nov. 24, 2016, the Standing Rock Sioux have raised $164,315 via their CrowdWise fundraiser. While the detailed data is not readily accessible, I was able to extract information from the scroller and determine the sample mean of $68.30. Raw data follows. I am sure it is only a subset of the total contribution data (probably the most recent 100 donations). Some of the amounts are not given — these are not included in the sample mean calculation:

Morales Family, 25
Mariah Halperin, 50
Lisa Babb
S & J Knoll, 50
Steve West, 25
Sasha Redlener, 25
Sabrina Clarke, 10
Spencer Murray
Maria Turner-Carney, 100
Kirsten Nordine, 100
Jennifer Rea, 50
Abigail Cirelli, 250
Gillian Gordon
Sean!!!, 25
Rachel Webb, 120
Anonymous, 10
Marissa Elise
Vincent Sandoval, 50
Abigail Tennenbaum, 25
Juliana Clark, 500
Pavlo Dmytrenko, 25
Anonymous, 25
Patricia Burchfield, 25
Marina Liu Mello, 40
Barbara Mit nick and Mark Satinoff, 50
Amanda Meyers, 50
Melanie, 25
Clara Sherley-Appel
Mariana Green, 25
ES Foley, 25
Anonymous, 50
Andrew Putnam, 100
Lindsey Gilbert, 25
Laura D., 50
Brendan Agnew, 50
Anonymous, 25
Victoria Truitt, 30
Robert Stephens, 50
MaggieLou, 100
Mark Vian
Kristin, 25
Elizabeth Massa, 25
Olga Semenova, 36
Anonymous, 250
Anonymous, 40
Genevieve Wachutka
"Steve Kanter, Sienna Ryan Kanter", 25
Annette Quintero and Oscar Olmos, 50
Togu Oppusunggu, 20
Brenda J. Eaden
Pam, 20
Weshoyot Alvitre, 700
Anonymous, 25
Christyjoy, 25
Sarah Wolk, 18
Lovely Michelle, 25
Megan McDonald, 100
Monique Carswell
Community Pilates, 50
Jade Keena, 100
Mike Wong
Anonymous, 25
Romy Smith
Karly Pinch
Stephanie Moretti, 25
Kitty, 15
Kara, 25
PhreddieSpider, 25
Rosemary Pham & John Fulton, 100
Fuck Trump 30
Brandon Carlson, 25
Hannah Bloombaum, 25
Anonymous, 25
"Charlie Alolkoy, Island Chumash", 40
Gavin Suntop, 250
Aubrie-Ann Jones, 100
Rebecca Zorach
Anne C, 50
Matthew Schmalz, 10
Casey Kelly, 50
Anonymous, 50
Sean McNiff, 10
Liz Williams, 25
Trena Moya
Amber Richard, 25
Jennifer Lake, 50
Lisa Natoli and Erik Smedstad, 300
Anna Guest-Jelley
Hanna, 70

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe also has a way to donate directly via its website using a service called Action Network. A page hosted by Action Network offers a some more info about funds raised, but does not give an exact dollar figure. As of Nov. 24, 2016 around 2pm EST, the page says that 15,379 contributions have been received. Assuming an average contribution as determined from the available CrowdWise sample, then the Action Network funds raised may be in the ballpark of $1,050,385.70. That is a bit hard to believe. However, even if the average donation were $20, then the Action Network fundraiser may be up to about $300,000 raised. So, yeah, maybe it really is as high as $1M.


The tribe also accepts donations via PayPal. Total amount raised via PayPal is not readily available.

I wonder how many of these are scams? There is a “Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund” on a site called FundRazr that claims to have raised $1,953,733 of $2M goal in 107 days from 39,637 contributors (avg. donation $49.37). This fund was not linked on the tribe’s website.


There’s also this GoFundMe and this one, which both look a bit scammy. Sounds like a few people trying to raise travel money for a little activism vacation.

Sacred Stone Camp GoFundMe has raised $2,221,075 in 7 months by 46,087 people (avg. donation $48.19).


Finally, donations can be mailed:

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Attention: Donations
PO Box D
Building #1
North Standing Rock Avenue
Fort Yates, ND 58538

Please make checks payable to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – Donations
Donations will be used for legal, sanitary and emergency purposes!

I also don’t have any information about funds raised via mail.

A Nov. 17, 2016 article by Valerie Richardson at the Washington Times states that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe accepted $375,000 in donations from wind energy companies Consolidated Edison Development and Fagen, Inc. The donations were accepted on April 5 and on March 9, 2016. The Mar. 9 donations were for “Oyate/community development” according to the Sioux tribe’s public meeting minutes. It is not clear whether any of these funds are going to fight the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline), but I think it is likely so.

Anyway, to summarize, that is about $5,392,508 raised to support the Standing Rock protests in general (this does not include the $375K from the wind energy companies). Not all of that was raised by the tribe directly — about 77% ($4,177,808) appears to have been raised by separate organizations related specifically to the Sacred Stone Camp, which I believe is technically separate from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in leadership, governance and legal status.

These fundraisers have been running a long time (Aug 9 2016 for the Legal fund, Apr 19 2016 for the Camp fund) so they have likely been spending this down over 6-9 months. Let’s say $4,177,808 over seven months (May-Nov, inclusive). That’s about 210 days, so about $19,894 per day. Not bad. That includes the Legal Fund though — excluding it leaves about $10,576 per day. That will feed about 176 people three square meals per day for seven months at $20 per meal.


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