An old article about installing Linux on a Lenovo X1 Carbon notebook computer

I bought a refurbished Lenovo X1 Carbon notebook computer about 6 months ago from ArrowDirect, and so far it has been working out great. I’ve got Windows 7 on the X1 and Ubuntu 16.04 on my computer at home, and I would really, really like to move 100% to Linux on both of my machines. I found an old blog post from 2012 that has some details about installing Linux on an X1 carbon that might be worth keeping in mind.

I can’t completely purge Windows from my life, sadly. There are several CAD and engineering programs that I just can’t do without and are Windows/Mac-only. Wine works for some things, but not everything. I think the solution may be to buy an OEM copy of Windows 7 and just install it on a virtual machine.


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