Installing IPython on Windows 7

This the way I have done it, which was pretty simple. First, I have already installed Python 3.5.1 via the installer which is downloadable from This installs the core Python 3.5.1 at the following location:


There is an option to add Python to the Windows PATH and a second option to install the launcher tools for all users, both of which I have selected.

Installing Python this way has installed the pip tool, which is used for managing and installing Python packages. The first thing I did was update pip to the latest version using the following command. (There appears to be some discussion about issues related to this action. See this.)

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Then, I used the following pip commands to install ipython (version 4.1.2) and pyreadline (version 2.1). pyreadline is needed for colored output in the windows terminal cmd.exe.

pip install ipython

pip install pyreadline

And that’s it.


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