A billionaire president

Heard a funny thing on NPR the other day. On Point with Tom Ashbrook. Tom was saying that he saw an image of Donald Trump stepping off of an airplane like it was Air Force One or something, and there was a crowd of supporters and fans cheering and waving, and he was saying how the idea of having a billionaire president is something new to him and gave the vague impression that it made him uncomfortable. Okay, that’s fine and everything, but how much are the Clintons worth? Donald Trump is worth about $4-5 billion according to Forbes or WSJ or whatever. There are various numbers out there and it doesn’t really matter. So, how much are the Bushes worth? How about the Clintons? How about other past presidents?

Welp, Hillary is worth about $30-40 million. Bill is worth about $50-80 million. Chelsea about $15 million. The Clinton Foundation has about $440 million in assets, according to the 2014 financial statement. I don’t currently know where to look for political campaign financials, but I bet it’s in the $50-100 million ballpark. So, while the Clintons aren’t as rich as the Trumps, they are also very, very wealthy.

Furthermore, according to the stats on this Wikipedia page, JFK’s net worth was equivalent to $1B in 2010 dollars and George Washington’s was $500M.


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